Political button sold for $15,100

Buttons and politics have always been related. Some decades ago, people used to wear their favourite candidate buttons on the lapels, which showed the political faces of that time.  Although in this case the buttons showed the candidate’s photo, now many political buttons don’t –depending on the country–. They limit support to the reproduction of the logo of the political grouping. But… how much would you pay for a political campaign button? 

Nothing, they give them out for free, you may think. That might be true… but are you sure? See what happened in 2009.

A button from the 1920 United States presidential election was sold for $15,100 on eBay. It featured a photo of James M. Cox (the Democratic nominee) and Franklin D Roosevelt (the Vic Presidential candidate). The seller found that rare button at an estate sale and perhaps didn’t know its real value until he posted it on eBay. It was first posted with an opening bid of $10. Only!  But many collectors were interested on it. And a week later, it was sold for $15,100. Amazing!

You’d have probably seen somewhere Barack Obama’s buttons for his campaign  in 2008. There were plenty of them in the US and everywhere!

Which is their actual value? How much would we pay for them in the future? Maybe Obama’s won’t be the most expensive, maybe other candidate’s from other areas will… From which political grouping? From which country?  One never knows. What’s sure is that political buttons may there always be.

Anyway, make your buttons and don’t forget to keep all of them in a safe place from now on! Just in case…

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