I hate… like Garfield, Edith Piaf or other artists

Let’s start talking about cartoons. Do you remember Garfield? That funny fat cat…  He was always thinking of eating all time –specially lasagna!- and he had a favourite sentence which was … I hate mondays!

And what about that Boomtown rats’ song? Tell me why I don’t like mondays, tell me why

Perhaps monday is a difficult day for many people. First day of the week, going back to work… whatever. Weekends should be better :) We usually have a non favourite day. Perhaps your difficult day is another one… for any reason. You’ll be right.

For instance, for Edith Piaf it was monday, if you listen to her song Je hais les dimanches. Very nice one, by the way.

And if we look for more, we will find more artists and people complaining for a day of the week. But how to complain about that?

Buttons are useful for complaints. There are many many I hate buttons. Make your custom buttons and tell people what do you hate. Let them know and make them help you. What do you hate? Is it mondays? Or perhaps an object? People?  Who do you hate? What do you dislike? You have the oportunity to tell everyone why are you angry, perhaps with irony, perhaps not. But hey, you won’t even need to shout. Show your identity, show what you think. Don’t be silent. Wear your hate.

And what about your flatmate? Let him know you don’t like something about him, make him remember something that he aaaalways forget with a custom magnet. Use your fridge in an intelligent way.

Vent yourself! Use buttons!

Vent yourself! Use magnets!

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